The Lyft app for passengers provide the easement to passengers by focusing on their needs by putting emphasis on shared rides, requisition of rides and integration with city transit systems.


The map:

The Lyft app home screen is a map which not only tells you your location but also indicates the available Lyft cars. It allows you to chose your pickup and drop-off location. Furthermore, it gives you a wide range of Lyft services from the map to choose from.

“Where are you going?”

It’s a search bar which is located on the center of the map that helps you to set your destination. Afterwards, you’ll be given the choice to pick the level of Lyft service you want and accordingly, you can change your pickup and drop-off locations.


One tap to ride:

It’s the most convenient feature in the Lyft app. Through this app, you can easily request your most frequent destination with a simple click of a finger such as your home, work location, favorite restaurant, etc.

After you’ve chosen your destination, you’re required to choose the following from the list of ride options such as:

  • Lyft pricing
  • Arrival time.
  • Vehicle size.

Move your pickup spot:

As every city is filled up with tall buildings and skyscrapers, it becomes very difficult for rideshare apps to find out your exact location. In the Lyft app, after you’ve selected your Lyft car type, you can change your location to a more specific location so that you’re easily traced.

In conjugated areas, Lyft app also recommends you better and easily approachable pickup location so that your driver could reach you faster and with convenience. This makes the pickup process less time consuming also. To factualize the above statement, this idea was tested in San Francisco, CA, where over 20,000 pickup passengers were recommended a location congested and traffic free. The idea was highly appraised and nominated.

Watch your step:

It’s an easy-to-read map which provides you the following services:

  • Highlighted route.
  • Exact time of pickup.
  • Estimated arrival time.

With these cervices, you can now easily plan your trip and arrive on time without any delay.


Every Lyft service has its own purpose such as:

  • Lyft line: It’s a shared ride with other people like UberPOOL.
  • Lyft Plus: It seats 6 passengers.
  • Regular Lyft: It seats 4 passengers.
  • Lyft Premier: It’s a luxury sedan that seats 4 passengers.

In order to choose your desired Lyft service, click on the circular icon that is near to the bottom of the screen. Afterwards, you can select from the list of services offered.


In order to access the app menu, click on the menu tab that is located in the upper left corner. The menu options are:

Free rides:

It demonstrates how can you avail free rides by referring the app to other/new passengers.

Get a ride:

It leads you to the home screen.


It depicts you the most recent ride and provides you with links of support articles at which help in answering your doubts.


It sends you information about promos, offers or any account related problems.


It allows you to add or remove payment methods as per your choice. Also, you can set a default payment method to avoid any type of problems.


Here, you enter a Lyft promo code in order to attain a free ride.

Ride history:

It provides you with a record of recent rides that you’ve taken. Along with it, you can also view how much have you paid, request a fare review or try to search for your any lost item.


It shows your account information. Also, you can add shortcuts such as Home or word address.


Lyft shared is basically the adapted new name of Lyft shared ride services. In these services, you get to travel with other passengers who are unknown/known to you and pay less in comparison to other services. However, during this ride, the driver may pickup/drop-off other passengers who are travelling in the same direction.

To put more emphasis on Lyft shared, Lyft has raised the driver pay rates to the extent that now, they are equal to regular Lyft rides. Along with it, the option of shared ride appears first in the list when passengers are choosing their destination. The reason behind this emphasis is that through Lyft shared, Lyft if trying to lower their carbon footprint.

Lyft shared ride pricing:

The price of Lyft shared depends upon these factors:

  • Type of the city.
  • Availability of driver.
  • Likelihood of getting paired with another rider.

You’re required to pay the amount of price shown in the app. The price shown isn’t dependent on the number of passengers travelling with you. Also, the waiting period of the driver will always be one minute.


The new version of Lyft passenger app is developed in such a way that it can now be integrated with public transportation systems. The integrations will, however be carried out firstly in Marin County (Transportation Authority of Marin) and Santa Monica, California (Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica).

Recently acquired Motivate (North America’s oldest and largest bike-share company), Lyft is stratergizing to strengthen its eco-friendly idea through transportation. Motivate runs in major cities like New York, San Francisco Bay, Chicago, Boston metro, Washington D.C., Portland metro, Ohio and Minneapolis.

Through the acquirement of Motivate, Lyft has been able to make new changes in the app such as:

Lyft passenger app integration:

Through this feature, Lyft passengers can now rent bike (This new venture is also called Lyft Bikes). Along with it, the use of bicycles and scooters have given riders the opportunity to skip the traffic and avoid busy major routes.

Existing bike-share infrastructure:

Motivate has really helped Lyft to each out to all the major cities of U.S. Instead of competing with other transportation businesses, Lyft is partnering with them to provide more options and choices.

For more information regarding any Lyft service, contact here. Along with it, you can also shop for insurance options and coverage details.


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