Uber app works really well when it comes to hitching a ride and paying for it. However, the same doesn’t go when it comes to Uber customer service. It seems as if you’ve to break certain walls in order to reach Uber customer service and get help.



Though there’s an Uber customer service phone number but many customers can’t take any advantage of it. It’s because the number is given to only those people who have a Premium account with Uber. Regular customers have to use the Uber app or go to help.uber.com.

How to see if you can contact Uber customer service through the phone number?

  • Go to Uber app and click on the menu button.
  • Tap Help and then, look for Call support option which is located at the bottom of the page. If there’s no number provided then, it’s possible that the facility isn’t available to your account.
  • The Uber phone number for ‘Premium riders’ only are: 1-800-314-2308. If you aren’t able to get in touch with Uber through this number then, you don’t have access to telephone support.

Contacting your Uber driver:

Once your ride is over, it’s a waste to contact your driver for any kind of problem, other than coordinating with him for any lost item of yours in the car.

Contacting your driver would be dead end since they’ve no control over the paid price or the fees charged or issues you’re facing with your account.

Critical safety response line:

Inside the Uber app, there’s a critical safety response line. The number is however should be used only in case of emergencies or serious safety-related complaints only. Regular complaints won’t be entertained here.


The customers are also not allowed to directly send an email to the customer service email address. It’ll certainly bounce back.

Instead of it, they can use “Your trips” inside the Uber app to get help if they’ve any problem with a specific ride. Or to make things more simplified, they can simply go to the Help section of the Uber app or post their issue on the help.uber.com. However, they must wait for 24 hours for a response. Once Uber responds. reply them via email or through “Support messages” feature in the Help section of the Uber app. It’s considered one of the fastest ways to get service from Uber.

How to contact Uber Customer Service as an Uber driver:

Alternatively, Uber drivers have the liberty to call Uber but via the Uber driver app. However, this facility is provided in some cities only. The process to call Uber for Uber drivers is:

  • Click Account in the Uber app.
  • Go to Help.
  • Click on the phone icon (Phone no: 1-800-593-7069) in the upper corner to call Uber.

Many drivers have successfully resolved certain issues through this process or by visiting help.uber.com.

HELP ARTICLES AT help.uber.com:

The best way to get in touch with Uber is to search a help article at help.uber.com. It’ll help you to get easily related to the issue and correspondingly, contains a form to get in touch with Uber via email.

If there’re problems with a certain trip then, search for your trip receipt inside the app and then, go to the help article that addresses your issue. However, as there are a large number of articles on the site and organized in an arbitrary manner, finding the appropriate article might become the task of the day.

To help its customers, Uber has planted a search button on the Help page which will help you to find your suitable article. For example: If you’d lost an item and want help then, type “lost” in the search bar. The page would lead you to every article that contains the word “lost” and you can then, choose your fitting article. Once you find your article, find a contact form that is near the bottom of the page. It’ll directly lead you to the customer support line.

NOTE: Only type one word liners in the search bar. Don’t write full sentences to complicate things.

How drivers can ask Uber a question at help.uber.com?

There are a variety of support articles but the Question submission forms are buried behind the menus by Uber. The process to find them is:

  • Enter the site – help.uber.com.
  • If you’re operating from computer: Click on “For Partners” on the left. Or if you’re operating from mobile: Click on the “For Partners” at the top.
  • Under the Account and Payment section, click “More”.
  • Go to “Changing Account Settings”/ Search bar and click/write “I’ve another account issue” respectively.


Uber doesn’t really have a lot of time to read your lengthy messages and reply accordingly. Therefore, it’s very necessary that you always write on-point. The message should be:

  • as brief as possible i.e. mot more than 2 lines.
  • only essential information should be written.
  • Always mention data such as specific dates, times, amounts and ride numbers to sound more precise and worthy.

Usually, the responses sent by Uber are copied texts of a supporting article which aren’t directly related to your problem. In such cases, it’s better to be patient and resend them your issue with a spoon of politeness. The reply will be emailed to you or will appear in the Support Messages area of the app in less than 2 days.


Along with the option of calling an Uber representative or going to help.uber.com or the contact forms which are given in the driver app, Uber drivers are also offered in-person help at Greenlight Hub offices.

In-person help at Greenlight Hub offices:

The Uber representatives at the Greenlight handle your problems with extreme care and precaution. Though, the time spent by them on your issue will be a little longer but your issue would be dealt correctly. To find out the places where Greenlight Hub is located, go to help.uber.com. Or you can click “For Partners” and search the relevant article.

How drivers can ask Uber a question inside the Uber driver app?

In order to send a question to Uber through Uber driver app, follow the given instructions:

  • Go to Account> Help> Account and Payment> Change Account Settings> I’ve another account issue.

The steps mentioned above show the process of finding a contact form for general account problems wherein Uber will reply to any question asked. More to that, there are built in features as well which help in asking answers for questions related to payment and fare reviews.

How to view your existing support threads with Uber drivers support?

Go to Account tab> Help> Support Messages. After the submission of the question, you can now trace the support thread with Uber inside the driver app. Your submitted questions will be visible to you through the help forms wherein you can now see the replies of Uber and update the thread accordingly with your own replies.

To know more about Uber customer service or any other information regarding TLC companies or rideshare profession or insurance, click here.


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