If you think applying for Uber/Lyft is an easy task then, let us tell you that you aren’t wrong. However, if you think that the waiting process is also easy then, let us break this disturbing bubble. The acceptance/rejection of the application is very problematic and tiresome. This may be because the applications often get stuck in a long checking process which can leave you unwanted and frustrated. Furthermore, you may also feel lost when you face rejection and wish to reapply to Uber.

One may think reapplying to Uber isn’t possible. Howbeit, you can reapply to Uber but after 3-6 months. The chances of getting hired are really low because there’s no official reapplication process. But, you can contact to Uber/Lyft for reapplication.


Time duration of the results:

The level of uncertainty of knowing whether you’re rejected or not is very high and the reason is very simple. This is due to the vague answers that are given by both of the companies when it comes to the application process. According to Uber, the duration time is 7-10 days, while for Lyft, the time period could be of several weeks. In addition to it, you may not be directly contacted for the results.

Selection information:

Generally, if you get selected by any of the above company, you’re informed through an email/congratulatory message. On the contrary, if you’re rejected, you might not hear anything at all. In that case, you’ve to email Uber/Lyft to ask for an answer.

Unlike Uber, Lyft is better at responding about the results to the applicants. It directly contacts the drivers about the results through an email/text. If you’re not accepted, they’ll send a message along the lines of, “Unfortunately, after a final review of your profile, we’ve decided not to move forward with an invitation to join our driver community.”

Another interesting way to know about your result of being accepted or not is by logging into the Uber/Lyft driver app. If you’re able to log in and turn on driver mode, then you’re selected. If not, you’re either on hold or rejected. Furthermore, if it’s been more than 10 days since you applied without hearing back from Uber/Lyft then, you should probably contact the company and ask for an update.


It’s possible to reapply to Uber/Lyft but both of the companies don’t provide any direct guidelines on when you can reapply. There’s no special application for re-applicants or any other system to process them.

In emails with support staff from both the companies, the answers vary from “We take it on a case-by-case basis” to “rejected applicants can reapply after X time goes by.”

  • UBER: The time period after which you can reapply is 2-4 months.
  • LYFT: The time duration after which you can reapply is 3-6 months.


Go to partners.uber.com and then, fill up your name in the upper corner of the website. After filling up your name, click on My Profile. You’ll be able to see your account status in a colored box just underneath your name.

What does Uber account status signify?


The Active status means that you’re able to log in to driver mode and successfully accept rides.


The On-boarding status means that Uber is reviewing your documents or doing a background check on you.


The Wait-listed status for Uber can mean that there’re issues with your documents. Or it could also signify that they’re still running a background check on you to know whether you’re already a driver or not.


The Consider status next to your Uber background check means that the background check is still on-go. Or it could mean that they’re doing a close analysis of your background because there’re issues. Also, if your status still shows the sign “consider” for several days then, you’ll likely be rejected.


The Rejected status means that your application was rejected or you’ve been deactivated by Uber.


Both the companies will never give you any specific details which caused you a rejection. However, in accordance to the words said by many drivers and the company support staff, here are the most common reasons for rejection:

Issues on your background check:

Both the companies have the power to reject you based on any data they find suspicious/ill-informed. It also includes the charges which falls outside their stated guidelines. Other causes of rejection are pending issues and arrests without convictions.

Issues on your driving record check:

Both companies can also reject you even if you’ve less than 3 minor violations which is actually in contradiction to their stated guidelines. Other reasons for getting rejected would be:

  • driving without insurance,
  • driving on a suspended license and
  • issues in your driving/criminal record in the last 10 years

However, these’re not the only reasons. Uber and Lyft reserve the right to reject you for just about any reason. But, the thing to be peaceful about is that their final decision isn’t always consistent.


Even after the rejection from Uber and Lyft, you can still apply for other jobs if you want to use your car as an income source. These companies offer similar work and compensation:

Postmates and Doordash:

These’re on-demand delivery apps. They’ve easier requirements and hire younger applicants for delivery jobs.

Amazon Flex:

In Amazon Flex, you’ve to use your car in order to deliver packages.


Through Deliv, local companies get their packages delivered to their customers.


It’s true that there aren’t any given instructions on how to reapply to Uber. But it also doesn’t give the directions to fill out the normal online application during the second time. It’s because the page will come up with an error message saying that you already have a driver account.

In order to reapply to Uber after being rejected, you should Contact Uber support and ask for the permission to reapply. If you want Uber to consider your reapplication then, you must wait for 3 months.

There’s no specific help topic on the subject of reapplication so, you’ll have to find a blank contact form inside a help article. After doing that, go to help.uber.com and search for “I have another account issue”. That page contains a blank contact form and then, all you’ve to do is to fill up the required information.

When you want to reapply, contact support, in order to let them know. Also, don’t forget to ask what you need to do. If you don’t get a response then, you should keep emailing until you get one.


Thought the conditions are very similar of reapplying in both of the companies but, unlike Uber, the reapplication isn’t easy for Lyft. Like Uber, there aren’t any special application or a set of instructions on how to reapply.

In order to reapply to Lyft after being rejected, you’ve to contact Lyft support and ask for the permission to reapply. Lyft will only consider your reapplication if it’s been around 6 months since you were rejected.

Go to help.lyft.com and scroll to the pink Contact Support button. After that, select “I am an applicant” and then, “Check my application status.” From there, a text box will appear. In the box, briefly state your situation and ask if you can reapply.

For more information or help regarding any of the above, contact us through email or send us a message through our site.