Have you ever noticed an unexpected fee on your ride receipt whenever you travel with Uber? This charging of Uber fees is not something new. It has been charged to passengers before as well, however, only few take a notice to it.

With the help of this article, not only you’ll be able to dodge them but also, get a compensation on needless fees.


There’re different types of Uber fees that Passengers are charged with and are unaware of. These are:

Cancellation fee:

Uber passengers have to pay a cancellation or no-show fee in these certain situations:

  • You’re required to pay a fine if you cancel your ride request which is accepted by the driver after more than 2 minutes.
  • You’ve to pay if you arrive 5 minutes late to the destination where the driver is waiting. This situation is actually called as a no-show fee situation. Here, the Uber driver is provided with the option of cancelling your ride thereby, showing – no-show, or he charges $5 for tardiness.

The Uber fees differs according to the type of vehicle. Normally, it’s $5, however, for cars such as UberBlack and SUV, the fee is $10.

Avoiding the situation:

Therefore, the effective way to avoid cancellation fee is to prevent tardiness. The Uber app sends you a lot of notifications before the arrival of the driver.

However, there’re some drivers who try to misuse the situation but, Uber app always keeps a check on the cancellations and fire those drivers.

Can you get a refund for the cancellation fee?

The answer to it would be that it may be that you get a refund. We cannot say always. However, this Uber fees is more likely to be refunded against the others. In order to that, enter your topic of conflict inside the app or you can go to help.uber.com. Uber tracks every minute record of both the driver and the passengers, therefore, there’re less issues in any case of dispute.

Wait time fee:

According to a few Uber markets, passengers are required to pay Wait Time fee which is very less in amount – $0.10. It’s to be paid by the passengers when they fail to arrive within few minutes of the driver’s arrival.

If in case, the driver shows a no-show situation, then you wouldn’t be charged with the Wait Time fee. However, this fee isn’t charged to the customers on trips to/from airport or UberPOOL.

Booking fee:

Around $2.40 are charged to every rider as it’s considered a flat fee. This is done so as to cover the Uber costs and is non-refundable in nature.

The price of the Booking fee depends upon the city you’re in. However, currently, the price of Booking fee is around $2.40-2.80 per ride.

Avoiding the fee:

There’s no way to avoid this fees. It’s compulsory to be paid. UberEATS also charge a Booking fee.

Can you get a refund for the Uber Booking fee?

The only manner in which you can get a refund is when the cost of the entire trip is refunded.

Cleaning fee:

You’ll be obligated to pay around $20-150 if you create a mess in the Uber driver’s vehicle. If in case the driver claims that you’ve left a mess in the car then, Uber will send you an email regarding the same where you’ll be obligated to pay for the mess you caused. The issue isn’t handled in person i.e. face to face confrontation of the driver and the passenger. This is because the driver has to send a photographic proof of the mess created to Uber.

However, there’re some drivers who tried to disobey the rules and have been deactivated immediately.

Generally, the mess comprises of the:

  • Fluid stains.
  • Food stains
  • Vomit.

Though the cleaning charges are pretty high for some passengers but they’re easily backed off of standard cleaning prices throughout the country.

Can you get a refund for the cleaning fee?

The answer is positive but it can only happen when you didn’t create a mess or the mess that is accidentally created, isn’t that bad. You can confront Uber for the charges applied, but keep in mind that there’ll be some going back and forth in this process.

How to confront Uber for the cleaning fee issue?

Follow these steps:

  • Open the Uber app or go to riders.uber.com.
  • Under the category of “your trips”, search for the trip for which you’re charged.
  • Click on the “review my fare or fees”.
  • Search for the line – “I was charged a cleaning fee”. There, you’ll find a message box that gives you the permission to share your details and confront the charge.

Lost item fee:

$15 will be charged to you by the driver if in case he returns your lost item to you. However, this fee is taken by the riders in selected cities only.

Furthermore, you should always keep in mind that Uber drivers aren’t responsible for your lost items.

How to recover the lost item?

Follow these instructions step by step:

  • Go to Uber app and click on the menu.
  • Select “your trips” and pick the trip where you’ve lost your possession.
  • Tap “I lost an item” and complete the other details.

Your driver will contact you and then, it’s upon you both to arrange a particular day and place.

Airport fees and surcharges:

You’ve to pay $4 in case you’re being dropped off/picked up from an airport. This fee is charged by all the airports and is included on your Uber fees.

Can you get a refund on airport fees?

There’s no avoidance to this fees.

Toll charges:

Toll charges come under the responsibility of Uber passengers and are included in your Uber fees. The Uber app knows if there’s any toll during your trip and successfully adds its cost in the up-front price of the ride request.

However, if your driver asks to pay for the toll in cash to him then, contact Uber after your trip is over. Go to “your trips” section to submit your problem.

Can you get a refund for the toll charges?

If in case your driver takes cash for the toll charges then, you’ll get a refund with double payment. However, is the cost is included in your fare, then you won’t get any refund.


If you think that you’re being wrongly charged for a certain fee then, follow the instruction step by step to reach your goal:

  • Go to the Uber app or help.uber.com.
  • In the app, click on the menu icon.
  • Go to YOUR TRIPS.
  • Select the trip in question.
  • Choose “review my fare or the fees”.
  • Pick up the relevant menu item and fill in all the details of the form.

After you’ve successfully submitted your form, Uber will contact you via email. Though Uber is quite determined on charged fees, bu ta little resistance can sometimes help.


When you add a new payment way, Uber makes a temporary authorization charge. It’s done to verify the activation of your payment method. The authorization charge is $5. However, it’ll disappear itself after a few business days.

We provide you with the opportunity to enhance your knowledge on the aspects that could give you a great start in your professional life along with the security in the form of insurance.

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