Driving in a place like NYC isn’t an easy task. Uber and Lyft drivers like yourself and others have to deal with passengers which range in both money and behavior. Some are drunk and incoherent, whereas, some riders are polite and considerate. To deal with passengers such as the former, you need the best and the most productive car accessories.

You should always be prepared for any kind of situation to deal with when you’re on the road. Being spontaneous and quick-witted will really help you to get along with different situations you can encounter on the road.

Thus, we provide you with a comprehensive list of the best car accessories that you may find useful while you’re driving:


  • This phone mount bags the first position in the list of the most important car accessories. The primitive advantage of having your phone up on dash/windshield is that you don’t have to concentrate both on the road and on the phone for directions at the same time. This is a tremendous benefit to your safety and that of your car.
  • Also, it can improve your ratings. Riders appreciate the gesture and simultaneously feel comfortable and safe when they’re able to see the directions that you’re following.
  • Some top options of phone/tablet mount are:

Cup holder phone mount:

It’s designed to fit perfectly in a cup holder. As it’s not located on the dashboard/windshield, it makes reading and navigating more easier for the drivers because it’s close to them. Also, you don’t have to worry of being caught by the police because they won’t be able to see you on your phone.


This type of phone mount allows you to easily detach your phone when you need to make a call/send a text. It also includes multiple magnetic backings that attaches itself firmly to the back of your phone or the interior of your phone’s case.


If in case you’re finding for something decent and unobtrusive, you can look for smaller vent-mounted options like the Kenu Airframe.

Flexible and customize-able:

For a well-built and non-magnetic option, you can always go for these RAM mounts. They’re of gold standard with adjustable grip tension. It’s also available in variety of other options. If you’ve a deep dashboard, you can even accessorize it with an extension arm to bring your phone more close.


It’s always a good idea to have a towel on-hand in cases of spilled beverages and rain. In the wise words of Douglas Adams, “a towel … is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” Furthermore, they act as perfect seat covers n rainy seasons and protect your upholstery when transporting service dogs shed their fur all over the car.


In case you want to avoid spending your money on purchasing the towels, you can always consider buying some seat covers. Seat-covers are custom-fit that means, you can design them according to your own choice and preference. They’re specially designed to support all the needs of the car and the driver. Not only they’re available in different types such as cotton, silk, velvet, leather but also, they’re water and dust resistant.


Phone charger:

It’s always wise to carry a phone with full battery when you’ve to work long hours. However, at times, due to the pressure of work and family, it’s understandable that you can forget to charge your phone. Therefore, it’s required to carry a phone charger with you at all times. In addition to it, there are many passengers who may ask for it as well. Having a phone charger of a good quality gives you a passage to offer something extra to the passengers and earn good ratings.


When the USB standard was first introduced, it used to put out a relatively low amount of electric current. However, as technology grew and thus, screens and batteries, the amount of electric current required to charge a device went up. This signifies that your old 12v-to-USB adapter might not be charging newer devices very quickly. Therefore, such situations can become very troublesome to a driver who works long hours.

Try buying a charger that has four USB ports because it has the capacity to charge at a full 2.4 amps. This denotes that up to this capacity, you can easily charge a phone, a GPS, a dash-cam and still have a little percentage left for a passenger. Also, it should carry surge protector and a microchip. It’s used to regulate the charging needs of each device in order to avoid putting too much current into a device that can’t handle it.

It’s very common for passengers to ask for cables because usually, they don’t carry them. Therefore, providing cables could be seen as an appreciative gesture on your part. Although you can purchase “universal” cables with multiple charging tips for different devices, it’s better to get multiple cables. They’re usually long so that they can easily reach the backseat. Also, if one wears out, you can replace them one at a time rather than going out for another universal cable. You can keep one for Android and one for iPhone.


Aux cable is used for connecting to the best audio system. You can either play your music and even, at times, may let your passengers DJ. This helps in gaining more rating.

We would recommend you of Anker. The housings on each connector are made from reflective metal. Therefore, it’s more durable and easier to find in a dark car.

You can also get a wireless Bluetooth Aux adaptor. Also, if you’ve a car that doesn’t have an aux input, you can get a FM transmitter.


You should always place quality rubber floor-mats in your car as it would keep your car floor spot and dust free. Spots of spilled beverages, dirt of the greasy shoes of the passengers won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Floor mats of Universal and WeatherTech can be cut down to the size to fit most vehicles.


It’s mandatory to attain insurance for your vehicle to avoid unnecessary monetary damage to your wallet. Also, it gives you a sense of assurance in terms of money and safety for your vehicle.


To save yourself from situations where you’re hurt or a passenger is hurt or situations where the medical center is far away, it’s util to carry a first aid kit with you. Furthermore, it gives a sense of assurance to the passengers when they are opting to go on a long journey through your car. Therefore, keep a basic stock of the medicines such as pain-killers, cleaning solution, cotton and bandages. Also, do make sure to replace the medicines that are expired. This would definitely provide you with good rating points.


Keeping air fresheners in the cars help to maintain quality fragrance in the car instead of any smelly odors. Air freshener prevents such type of situations where the constant moving in and out of passengers would allow the entrance of odors. They are available in both sizes and types.

We hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive guide with Uber tips. We know how hard you work and hope that some of the items on this list help make your life easier when you’re out on the road.

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