You all must be aware with the on-demand delivery apps like UberEATS, Postmates, Amazon Flex, Instacart, Deliv and DoorDASH which are making a huge success in today’s time. Now, how would you feel to be a part of these delivery apps i.e. to work for such enterprises? With many work opportunities opening up in this sector, there’s however, one job that is the most important one.

Driving for all these on-demand delivery apps is a very augmenting work chance. People who were rejected or somehow couldn’t afford the right vehicle for Uber and Lyft, now have a dream work moment as most cities of the US offer services from these on-delivery apps.

However, if you’re interested in applying for a job here then, you must fulfill these few vehicle requirements.


The vehicle requirements of these apps are easy to satisfy. The requirements are:

  • A qualifying working vehicle. This also includes bicycles which are however allowed in those cities which are highly crowded.
  • Younger drivers with an age of 18 or more are highly preferred.

If you’re able to meet the following requirements the, we highly suggest you to apply for these enterprises because time and opportunities don’t wait for anyone.


A delivery program who carries on their service of providing local deliveries through the employment of independent drivers. Being a Flex driver, you’re obligated to work for 3-4 hours. However, your job is very easy. As a Flex driver, you’ve to pick up packages from a central location and deliver them all over the town. Flex app will guide you the directions to your ultimate destinations. The vehicle requirements of Amazon Flex are:

  • TYPE OF VEHICLE: The vehicle could be a four-door sedan, a pickup truck or a minivan. However, trucks and minivans may provide you with extra earnings.


A same day delivery service that performs its function of providing deliveries by delegating independent contractors. This on-demand delivery work its operations in most major US cities. The requirements are moderately simple:

  • CAR AGE: The age of the vehicle should be 15 years old or newer.
  • DRIVER: The driver should have at least one year of driving experience and be 18 years or older.


The vehicle requirements of these two on-demand delivery apps are quite alike:

  • FEATURE AND TYPE OF THE CAR: The vehicle could be of any type such as a truck or a van. But, it should be qualified and have 2-4 doors.
  • NAME: Your name should be on the insurance.
  • POLICY AND INSURANCE: You’ll need your personal auto insurance policy. However, there’s no need of vehicle inspection.


If you’ll ask what is the difference between the vehicle requirements for UberEATS and Uber ridesharing services then, our answer is going to very simple. The later carries requirements that are demanding and strict. The requirements of UberEats are:

  • FEATURE: The vehicle could include 2 or 4 doors.
  • MODEL: The model year of the vehicle is 1998 or newer.
  • TYPE: Bicycles also come under working vehicles. However, the delivery is highly available in big and crowded cities.


Both of these on-demand delivery apps are in reality, a grocery delivery app. On one hand, Instacart provides service to their customers by authorizing independent contractors who pick out comestibles and deliver them to the respective customers. While, on the other hand, Shipt hires shoppers to choose foodstuffs and subsequently, deliver them.

The requirements of both are:

  • AGE OF DRIVERS: The age of drivers can be 18 or older.
  • CAR TYPE: Any type of vehicle can qualify such as truck or van. However, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles don’t qualify. (ONLY AN INSTACART VEHICLE REQUIREMENT)
  • MODEL YEAR: The vehicle should be 1997 or newer. (ONLY SHIPT VEHICLE REQUIREMENT)
  • NECESSITY: It should be able to carry groceries.


Bicycles and mopeds can be used to deliver for Postmates, UberEATS and DoorDASH in some larger countries. The drivers won’t face any trouble with doing so. However, if you want to find out whether the bicycle delivery is available in your country or not, then, you’ve to go along with the application process. If the bicycle delivery shows up as an option or contact support, then it’s clear that bicycles will be qualified as a working vehicle.


Where can you deliver for DoorDASH on bicycles?

You’ll be provided with the option to select a bicycle as your vehicles in these cities:

  • Boston
  • DC (Washington DC)
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • New York
  • Northern California, Peninsula
  • Phoenix
  • Raleigh-Durham
  • Toronto

What are the basic requirements of delivery companies?

The basic requirement of delivery companies is the positive approval in the background and driving record. Checkr is used by the on-demand delivery apps such as Postmates, DoorDASH and UberEATS to run these tests. You can be disqualified if there are:

  • Any major violations in the last 7 years such as DUI, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, etc.
  • you’ve more than 2 moving violations in the last three years.


None of the delivery companies require commercial or rideshare auto insurance. But you may find that the personal auto insurance policy excludes delivery driving. It’s best to acquire a rideshare policy if you think that your current policy won’t cover you in case you’re driving for delivery apps. It’s because of the reason that insurance companies will only ask if you’re driving for Uber or Lyft when you file a claim. Therefore, many drivers never inform about their choice of driving for delivery.

We aim to provide you a better and exclusive way of acquiring insurance in order to lead a risk-free future.


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