TLC Inspection


Apart from licensing and plating, New York Taxi and Limousine commission necessitates TLC inspection thrice a year, at every 1/3rd part of the year at the DMV inspection facility. Your application, appointment, and fixtures remain your responsibility. TLC inspection is required during a new application issuance, license renewal, or plate transfer.

tlc inspection

TLC Inspection Cost

The cost of inspection differs with its type you prefer. Where full inspection costs are as high as $75, a visual inspection is near half, costing a minimal $37. Again, there are categories for reinspection such that : 

  • $35 for Yellow and Green cabs
  • $27 FHV DMV emissions inspection
  • $10 FHV DMV Safety Inspection 

Your vehicle need not pass multiple inspection entrances if it has already passed the initial inspection.

TLC Vehicle Inspection

Your vehicle inspection procedure continues at its unchanged address NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission at Woodside New York.

Yellow Cab Inspection requirements: As per law compliance, to operate Yellow Cab on New York streets, it must pass through 3 inspections per year. If the vehicle is new, it is required to pass a Hack-up inspection before it gets a Yellow Cab license for full operation. 

Green card Inspection requirements: For a Green Cab to mismatch Yellow Cab and carry & drop its passengers, it needs regular inspection after every half year. TLC inspects hacked-up green cabs before giving its title and license to any vehicle.

Similarly, FHV vehicles require TLC inspection via NYS DMV inspection appointment once every 2 years, whereas commuter vans and paratransit vehicles are inspected by NYS DOT and receive MC300 stickers before landing to Woodside for visual inspection.

vehicle quarter examination

TLC Vehicle Renewals

1.Renewal Package Submission: For renewing your TLC vehicle license, you need to follow a certain process, first being submission of $625 along with email copies of their registration and insurance (FH1 and certificate of Liability) to TLC. 

2.Inspection Appointment reception: After receiving payment as well as document, the next step calls for early delivery of inspection appointment time to owners’ mail. You are required to carry your TLC license and insurance information along on the inspection day. 

3.Attending Inspection Appointment: Once your vehicle passes the last step of inspection intricacy, the FHV permit is expected to be renewed and active.

How to schedule TLC inspection

For scheduling your appointment for TLC inspection, you need not row long miles; rather you can refer to the NYC TLC online appointment system to fix an appointment. The appointment would require the following : 

Scheduling Appointment 

1. First of all, you need to acquire a street hail livery permit

2. SHL is subjected to some alteration :

  • Affiliate to a Base
  • Transfer to a new SHL Base
  • Update ownership, address, or contact information

3. This is followed by submission of FHV, Paratransit, or commuter Van transfer application

4. It also demands submitting a new FHV application

5.  Next, you are required to update your identity i.e., name and photo on your TLC driver license

6. Last formality of the first round requires business application submission.

A couple of information settlement while scheduling an appointment :

  • Full name
  • Phone number (telephone or cell phone, whichever you are used to)
  • Existing email address 
  • TLC license number (for current license)

A couple of information settlement on the appointment day :

  • Appointment confirmation mail, the key to inspection procedure! 
  • Complete and signed application 
  • Other necessary documents called for.

SHL Plate Notification :

Once you are done with vehicle application submission to TLC, provided the vehicle is affiliated to a Street Hail Livery Permit and you are sure to Hack up your vehicle, you need not retrack and schedule a full NYS DMV inspection appointment. The only requirement is to inform TLC about your license plate reception. You will soon be mailed a Hack Up letter. You, then, have to carry your hack-up letter to the inspection DMV office. 

Vehicle Owner Plate Notification : 

If your affiliation is not with SHL, you shall inform TLC that you have got hold of your license plate by using the vehicle Plate notification form.

What If My Vehicle Inspection Fails?

Inspection failure is, indeed, not a matter of worry as you get trials to arrive and rearrange a meet. You get 60 days within which your vehicle is supposed to pass inspection. The date, let’s say the 29th day of the month is allocated for vehicle inspection in your schedule, is called the compliance date. This date is readily listed on the appointment letter. 

If you fail to comply with the date & time, you can revert this to the TLC inspection facility within their operating hour span (listed on the inspection report). Your base can request another appointment date, having missed the first one. Since you get at most 3 additional trials for vehicle inspection, you will be left with three tries for the same now.

A&Y Royal Insurance 

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The end highlights the new FHV license application which needs inspection at TLC’s Woodside inspection facility. This is actually the full & final step in plate orientation bringing home inspection procedure as well. (Vehicles with 500 miles or more get a full NYS DMV inspection appointment whereas one with less than 500 miles get a visual inspection appointment) Appoint an inspection at the soonest to ensure uninterrupted functioning of your vehicle.