As we know, New York City is widely famous for its big yellow taxi cabs. In late years, however, these ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have taken a significant place and have slowly become a norm in the city that never sleeps. Also, in comparison to the regular yellow taxi cab, these services are more convenient and cheaper. Furthermore, these services are not only advantageous for passengers but there are also certain number of benefits of becoming a TLC driver such as you can own your own vehicle and make your own schedule, you can also receive surge/prime time bonuses and get paid weekly.

In addition to it, New York City has taken measures to ensure that there are only qualified drivers and there is full security of the passengers during their transport. As righteously said, all ride-sharing drivers therefore, are required to obtain a Taxi and Limousine Commission, TLC license in NYC.



To talk about the advantages of becoming a TLC driver, there are many. Meeting new people everyday and getting a chance to know them; no need of paperwork or spending/wasting your time with your annoying co-workers or micro-management. Also, the job doesn’t lead to any physical straining.

Benefits of becoming an Uber driver:

With a continuous battle with the other companies, Uber thrives for the attention of both the riders and drivers. Fortunately, this competition means that the ride-share service offers benefits to earn and maintain their drivers’ loyalty. Some of these Uber offers include rate transparency (Being honest about the base rates for each area and also allow drivers to see the estimated fare for each trip before accepting the ride, helps drivers to properly plan their time and money budget), scheduling freedom (Being able to set your own hours wherein you can work full-time or use the service to compliment your earnings from another job, helps drivers the freedom to set and reach their financial goals without being held back), 24/7 support (Providing total support to the drivers through their online help center or giving ability to access a support representative directly through their app at any point of time, ensures security to the drivers) and driver rewards (It includes discounts on vehicle maintenance and cell phone service as well as financial management tools and health insurance).


With every pros, there are cons as well. Freedom of being able to do however we want, can lead to bad work routines. You may find it easier to stay in bed during surge times and skip-out on high-profit time periods despite needing the money to pay the bills. Another most important issue to take in view is the customer satisfaction. Being patient is the most ruling aspect of this profession therefore, if you lack patience to deal with unruly customers then, this might not be the best profession for you. Along with it, the need to socialize and remain confident among strangers also comes in handy.

TLC driver’s restrictions:

Unlike many ride-sharing companies, Uber offers the largest coverage area that is, spanning in more than 600 cities around the world. The company has set standards in place for the drivers which are required by the drivers to comply with. In addition to it, local municipalities can also place their restrictions on the service which makes the hiring process more strenuous for drivers in those areas.

TLC driver’s alternatives:

Uber and Lyft are the most common ride-share companies in the industry. Thought their eligibility requirements are similar, howbeit, if you don’t qualify for one, you can still be approved by another. Nevertheless, delivery services like Uber Eats and Postmates, have fewer restrictions in place. That is, you can also become a delivery driver for Doordash or Instacart.


There are multiple factors that play into your prospective earnings as a TLC driver:

Base rates:

Uber determines their drivers pay that is, the company sets base rates for every location based on the type of Uber product you are offering. For every ride, you will earn the base fare for every booking plus a certain amount per minute and mile of the journey.

Surge pricing:

Furthermore, during extremely fussy periods, Uber offers drivers increased earning power with surge pricing. In other words, surge fares are enforced when ride requests in an area exceed that if available drivers, so in that case, Uber temporarily increases their rates and thus, offers drivers the chance to multiply their earnings.

Weekly bonuses and promotions:

Uber also offers weekly bonuses and promotions. These bonuses can add several hundred dollars to a driver’s paycheck.

Demand of riders:

With everything else, you also have to consider the average demand for riders. Big and developing cities offer a near constant need for drivers but the demand in the smaller locations fluctuate on the basis of the time of day, the day of the week, and the local events that are happening. Therefore, it is more like a challenge for ride-share drivers to estimate their likely earning.


Before you set your mind on the prospect of becoming a TLC driver, it’s important that you verify if you can meet the company’s minimum standards. Uber will verify these requirements during the application process by running a complete background check. This task involves reviewing both your driving record and criminal history. To verify the safety and quality of your vehicle, they also require a full inspection before you begin working with their service. The basic Uber driver requirements comprises:

Age factor:

You should be at least 21 years of age or else, your application will get rejected.


At least one year of experience behind the wheel is necessary for all the drivers. Howbeit, drivers under 23 need to have had their driver’s license for at least three years.

Vehicle’s age:

Your vehicle shouldn’t be more than 15 years old.

Availability of space:

ll Uber vehicles should have space for four passengers.

Fully insured:

Your vehicle should be fully insured and also, you need to be listed as a driver on the policy.

Speeding tickets:

You can’t have received more than three speeding tickets within the last year.

Criminal record:

You must be free of violent crimes.


Uber poses restrictions and requirements on the vehicle that may be used to answer ride-share requests depending on which services you are interested in driving for. These services are divided into their own respective category, based on seating, style and age. Each and every section provides a significant difference in pay and passenger expectation too.


It’s contemplated an entry-level position and the most easiest status to qualify for. Your vehicle will be able to qualify for UberX status only if it’s less than ten years old and in good condition. You have to make sure that the car contains the whole package that is, set of four wheels, four doors and four seats. Along with it, you have to also check for cosmetic issues. Vehicles that lack blemishes and are able to meet the other qualifications may be used to answer UberX ride-share requests.


UberPOOL is a bit less restrictive in regards to how ride-share requests are handled. Passengers can choose to use UberPOOL when they do not mind sharing their ride with additional passengers they do not know. It’s a great way to rack up the number of passengers you have, and eventually the profits, in a short amount time.


Vehicles such as minivans and SUVs made after 2000 and are capable of seating more than four passengers should check out UberXL. This ride-share request option is for those in need of transporting 5-6 people in one go. Instinctively, with more passengers on board, drivers can earn a bit more per ride-share request.


Vehicles can only qualify for UberSUV if they have the capacity to seat 5-6 people. However, there is an age restriction on vehicles driving as UberSUVs. The age restriction is cut off at 2012. In order for the vehicle to qualify, it also has to be in excellent condition and considered high-end or luxury.


Only luxury automobiles are accepted to drive for UberSELECT. These four-door vehicles also should have either leather or vinyl seats. Furthermore, only 2009 or newer can be used.


This is one of the most restricted vehicle categories. In contemplation to qualify, your vehicle needs to be black, inside and out. UberBLACK vehicles are commonly reserved for black tie affairs too. To accommodate this demand, only luxury vehicles made after 2013 that have the right interior and exterior are allowed.


This category is the highest rank currently offered by Uber. To qualify, vehicles must be full-size, luxury, and made after 2012. In general, if you hope to accept UberLUX ride-share requests, your vehicle must be considered one of the finest set of wheels available on the market. Ensure that your current vehicle is sufficient enough to drive for your desired Uber service.


The process of getting into the driver’s seat can be broken into three main phases, first is the application process, second is the approval period and last but not the least, vehicle inspection.

Application process:

Sign-up with a promo code to get a guarantee or bonus:

In order to get an Uber sign up bonus, you must sign up with a promo code.

Enter your information:

Next step for you is to enter your personal information, including name, email, and phone number, and choose your account password.

Choose your vehicle and service:

In this step, the system is going to ask you to select the type of Uber service you want to sign up for. You can choose from UberX, UberBlack, or Uber Delivery (also known as Uber Eats).

Consent to a background check:

Verify your identity by providing your social security number. On the next page, the system will ask you to agree to a background check. They provide the agreement and disclosure for this process on the page and if you approve, click the “Agree” button.

Provide documentation:

Now, the system will prompt you to upload photos or scans of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance card. This is the final step of the Uber application process, so once you hit “Submit,” there’s nothing left to do but wait.

Waiting for your TLC driver approval:

While the Uber driver application process can be completed within an hour, the approval process can even take four weeks. The background check is the most consuming aspect of the task and in case, if there are multiple applications at the same time, the waiting period will extend. After you finally get your approval, all is left is the vehicle inspection.

Scheduling your TLC driver vehicle inspection:

After the company decides you’re the right choice, you have to schedule an inspection for your car or SUV. Uber has been partners with auto shops in most of the areas they service. Furthermore, you can also get an inspection for free at an Uber Green-light Hub. However, if that option isn’t available, you will have to pay out of pocket for an inspection which costs around $20. Once your vehicle is approved, then you’re ready to hit the road and earn some money.


Here, you will need your license, registration, and insurance documentation. Also, new drivers can maximize their signup bonus with Uber driver invite codes.

Navigate to the sign-up page:

Visit Uber’s driver signup page wherein you’ll need to enter an invite code in order to receive the new driver bonus.

Ensure your car meets the minimum requirements:

If your car meets the requirements given, it can proceed with the registration process. Howbeit, if it doesn’t meet them, you’ll need to explore other options like buying or leasing another vehicle.

Enter your social security number:

Enter your social security number. Nevertheless, the number remains private, is never shared, and will remain safe and secure. The reason Uber needs your social security number is to verify a clean criminal and driving record which is a part of their due diligence process. This is an important step in maintaining the safety of riders.

Consent to a background check:

You’ll need to consent to a mandatory background check. However, we recommend reading the fine print to fully understand everything that goes into this step. Click “I AGREE & ACKNOWLEDGE” to proceed. Now, as a next step you have to take a picture of your license, vehicle insurance, and registration and upload each of these required documents. Also, download the Uber app and then wait. The company will reach out and let you know what you need from that point forward. Withal, there are a few things to keep in mind after applying that are firstly, the approval process may take some time. Therefore, be patient and if there is anything that the support reps might need, work efficiently to get it for them. Secondly, in case you’re not approved, find out the cause. If the reason/cause can be changed or controlled, then fix it. Thirdly, in the waiting period, get yourself familiar with the driver app and watch the tutorial videos supplied.


Maximizing your tips:

One of the possible and best way to max out your paycheck is by maximizing your tips. To enhance the plausibility of passengers giving you with extra cash, Uber partners should focus on promoting the ride-share experience.

Being creative:

A little creative gesture to your car, can make multiple companies pay you on top of what you’re already making by giving rides. This can also help you to improve your driver rating, which can unlock high-end ride-share requests too.


After successfully becoming an Uber driver, it depends upon you to make the most out of your time on the road. Fortunately, we offer a long list of informative guides to ensure that the Uber drivers have everything they need to achieve success. Join today to help yourself by knowing more and to need assistance in the application process and license requirement to secure guaranteed earnings during your initial period behind the wheel.

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