Do you own a Small Business in New York? Are you considering your options in which Small Business Insurance you should go for? Should you also take Health Insurance for Small Businesses? Before trying to answer any of these questions, ask yourself this: Why do you need an umbrella or a raincoat, as it doesn’t rain throughout the year…

Insurance for Small Business is also the same. It can be a Health Insurance for Small Business or Property or Income or any other kind of cover.

But before deciding which type of insurance is best suited for our small business, let’s look at some facts about New York’s small Business Scenario.

  • New York is one of the topmost Entrepreneur Harbouring City
  • The ratio of Small Business to some other business is 99:1! Which means about 99% of all the businesses in Ney York are Small Businesses
  • More than half of all the workers in Ney York are Small Business Employees


In this article, we will be discussing different Insurance options in detail, but before that let’s try to understand the basic concept of having an effective Insurance cover for a Small Business.